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Law Enforcement

A fully developed community relations tool that will immediately help Law Enforcement engage with their respected communities and create positive experiences. 

Officer Maxwell

The Officer Maxwell character was created to represent ALL Law Enforcement, and provide a non-intimidating personality children of the community could learn from and grow with.



"This program has created so much positive energy and engagement with our citizens and our Officers"

- Chief Harvey 

Allen Police Department



Patrol Stories is an organization that fosters positive interactions between Law Enforcement and the communities they serve. Patrol Stories Founder Justin Delacruz, a full time Police Officer, built this program to help create opportunities for Police Departments to engage with their citizens through a fun, educational, entertaining, and interactive experience. Officer Maxwell, the official mascot of Patrol Stories, was designed to provide children with a positive role model who displays hope, trust, friendship, and respect as well as humanize the profession of a Police Officer "providing a positive, personal, and an un-intimidating image." Officer Maxwell programs teach the importance of 911 safety and promote positive learning with "Maxwell's BIG THREE", (Confidence, Motivation, and Encouragement. 


McKinney, TX 75070



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