Using a popular social media filter, Founder and President of Patrol Stories Inc. Justin Delacruz, began re-telling less than exciting yet hilarious stories about actual calls for service while on duty as an Officer in North Texas.


Coining the alias "Officer Maxwell" these stories became widely popular online, to the point where Justin began receiving requests from other Officers around the country to re-create their experiences, and tell their stories. What began as a comedic release for Justin and his fellow Officers later became a symbol and character that would eventually be used entertain thousands of children and families across Texas. Inspiring a better community Policing program and humanizing the profession of the Law Enforcement officer.

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October 2019

November 2019


Officer Bryan Madden helps Justin create some of the first illustrations of Officer Maxwell.

first maxwell.png

Justin and his wife Selina empty their savings to license, trademark, and design the first custom Officer Maxwell suit to help provide a positive, non-intimidating image for first responders.


Officer Maxwell works with local Police Officers to visits over 3,500 children across 36 Texas communities.

February 2020

Summer 2020

Fall/Winter 2020

Justin begins the Patrol Stories program and shares  Officer Maxwell videos to students to encourage a positive first responder experience and learning opportunity. The first presentation was given to a total of nine (9) students on a field trip.


Patrol Stories hosts the first Scavenger Hunt with Officer Maxwell. Over 1300 children joined Officer Maxwell and 11 retail stores for a safe trick or treating adventure.


Officer Maxwell was awarded the Hometown Hero for Texas by US Congressman Van Taylor.


Officer Maxwell's first Toy Drive supplied gifts and full holiday dinners for 16 North Texas families.

Patrol Stories hosts Popcorn with Police community movie event. Over 1,000 citizens joined local First Responders for an evening of holiday cheer, popcorn, and movies.

April 2021


Patrol Stories has first children's book published and made available across Texas. This adventure introduces Officer Maxwell and his partner K9-Cruz as they work together to protect the city they love.

May 2021


Patrol Stories is recognized at the state capitol in Austin by the Texas Senate for visiting over 12,000 Texas students. The Patrol Stories education program is state approved by LT. Governor Dan Patrick as a positive leap forward in public safety education.

Sept. 2021 - may 2022



Patrol Stories sets off on an education Tour of Texas schools to promote positive policing and public safety education to over 45,000 students.


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