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Law Enforcement Programs

Patrol Stories and Officer Maxwell partners with local First Responders to create unbelievable community engagement and experiences. The Patrol Stories programs are assessable via license or purchase to local agencies to use during school visits, community events and other public safety interaction. 

Patrol Stories believes First Responders do an amazing job in their communities keeping their citizens safe and promoting positive police efforts. We strive to do what we can to assist the agency in  further developing a better citizen engagement and relationship. With our state approved new approach to public safety education, training, programs, and universal symbol for First Responders "Officer Maxwell", we provide the agency with everything it needs to create a successful and positive citizen interaction. 

To learn more about how your agency can participate in the Patrol Stories program contact Detective Michael Carter at Agencies can also request a visit from Officer Maxwell and Patrol Stories to their cities next community engagement or event. We look forward to partnering with you, and establishing a better community and Officer relationship. 

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